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Friday Nights @ 6:30 / C3 Church

Meet Your Leaders

Aaron & Anna Flood

When we believe in Jesus, we become NEW CREATIONS in Christ. Even though we are young, we can make a huge difference by BEING AN EXAMPLE. God has forgiven all our sins. So we will also forgive the sins of others. We will love people as if they were our very own BROTHERS AND SISTERS as part of God's family. As sons and daughters of God we have KINGDOM ADVANCING ABILITIES to pray for the broken hearted, heal the sick and to love the unlovable."

1 Timothy 4:12 //  Hebrews 13:1 //  John 1:12


We GATHER by inviting friends
We GATHER by equipping youth with outreach skills
We GATHER by teaching youth how to pray for their friends
We GATHER by hosting team dinner sporting events
We GATHER by maintaining relationships with college ministries for young adult leaders
We GATHER by hosting youth conference in Belgrade park


We BUILD by teaching youth how they can fan the flame of Christ in themselves
We BUILD by putting on youth nights of fun games, worship, and teachings
We BUILD by going to conferences, youth camps, and Bible studies.
We BUILD by going on mission trips.
We BUILD by empowering youth to lead among their peers
We BUILD by teaching disciplines that will grow their relationship with God


We CONSUME by being the best bold version of ourselves in whatever we do.
We CONSUME by following the Holy Spirit each and every day.
We CONSUME by being the hands and feet of Jesus helping those around us.
We CONSUME by standing up for those who are being bullied.

Upcoming Events and Dates


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