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Jeremiah 29:7 says, “Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”

Remodel Project

Christian City Church is truly a special place. We are so excited to see the amazing things that God is doing among us and through us. Now, it is time to make room for MORE. MORE of the miraculous work of God among us. MORE of the power of the Gospel spreading in our valley. MORE room for people to know and experience the love, power, and presence of God!

The Plans

We have broken up our remodel plans into several phases. Below you will see a general overview of each space we hope to update. Depending on the funds received, we will do some or all of the plans shown below!



The first part of the remodel would include opening up our entry space to create more room and better flow of traffic through the building. By removing our current office space and we will double the size of our entry and eliminate traffic congestion. We would move our kid's check in upstairs, keeping an express check-in for first time guests in the foyer. This will allow us to keep the entry space less congested and will make it crystal clear for our guests on where and how to check in!

Remodel Presentation-04.jpg
Remodel Presentation-20.jpg
Remodel Presentation-14.jpg

Coffee Lounge

Next, we would open up our current baby room to create a coffee / lounge area for people to gather before and after services, as well as throughout the week. This will further expand our entry and fellowship area and help to create an environment for gathering and connecting.

Remodel Presentation-05.jpg
Remodel Presentation-06.jpg
Remodel Presentation-18.jpg
Remodel Presentation-19.jpg

Nursing Moms/

Meeting Room

We would then transform our current meeting room into a cozy nook for nursing mothers to sit and watch the service. This space would also function as a meeting space during the week for groups and other gatherings.

Remodel Presentation-17.jpg
Remodel Presentation-07.jpg


By removing some walls upstairs we can expand our existing sparklers room to accommodate more kids. We will also transform our storage spaces to create a third classroom. 

kids updated-22.jpg
kids updated-08.jpg
kids updated-24.jpg
kids updated-09.jpg


We would make some updates to our auditorium to help improve our live stream experience as well as our in-person experience with better lighting and asthetics.


We would freshen up the exterior of the building and build a larger more visible sign for everyone to see and know where C3 is!

Remodel Presentation-11.jpg
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