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God's command to humanity since the beginning of time has been simple. Go and bear fruit. His plan for our lives is that we know Him deeply, and that our lives have an abundance of fruit that results from it. To do this, our roots must go deep. Though we cannot cause the growth, we can do intentional things to cultivate healthy soil and good growing conditions, for growth to happen. This series covers the ways that we can be intentional to position our lives to grow roots and fruits, like God desires.


Roots Before Fruits

Rooted: Part 1

8.7.2022 / David Runia

Gardening Together

Rooted: Part 4

8.28.2022 / Phillip Smith

Training Or Trying

Rooted: Part 2

8.14.2022 / David Runia

What God Calls Great

Rooted: Part 5

9.4.2022 / David runia

All Things To All People

Rooted: Part 3

8.21.2022 / David Runia


A Few Good Friends

Rooted: Part 6

9.11.2022 / David runia

Why Groups

Rooted: Part 7

9.18.2022 / Michael Howard

You Belong

Rooted: Part 8

9.25.2022 / Michael Howard


Poured Out Generosity

Rooted: Part 9

10.2.2022 / David Runia

Generous Like Jesus

Rooted: Part 12

10.23.2022 / Aaron Flood

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Rooted: Part 10

10.9.2022 / David Runia

Open The Floodgates

Rooted: Part 11

10.16.2022 / Michael Howard

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