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Womens Bible Study

Join us every Friday at 10am as we learn lessons from the life of David, in Andrew Womack's "How To Be A Giant Killer"

In this book, you will learn that God has a good plan for every individual. But you can thwart that plan by your own lustful desires and dreams. However, where sin abounds, grace abounds greater (Romans 5:20). 


Even though David made terrible mistakes that cost people their lives, he repented and was able to complete God's purpose for his life. God's grace is evident through the entire life of David. Rather than having to go through your own hard knocks, the author encourages the reader to learn from these life lessons from David. There’s a better way than finding out these truths through your own mistakes. It's better to learn at David's expense.

Location: Christian City Church

Time: Friday 10am

Christian City Church

Belong Believe Become

310 Laura Louise Ln. Unit A, Bozeman MT 59718

 (406) 388-7275  //

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