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Family style is a connect group of Christian City Church where families come together to learn and grow with each other to inspire the next generation of leaders.  The group focuses on establishing healthy families in parenting, fellowship, and praying for other families.
The New Covenant is a family affair
The FATHER made a new covenant with his SON Jesus. We have been adopted into this FAMILY Covenant. The covenant defines the relationship and sets the terms. In this covenant we become a new creations where righteousness is imputed, having Christ endowed inside of us, where freedom is valued, and we become empowered to become sons and daughters as saints.  In building our families, it is paramount we must understand the new covenant and have fathers’ heart, eyes and hands.  (Hebrews 6-9,10:1-18 Jeremiah 31:31-34 2nd Corinthians 3,5:11-21)
A family that plays and prays together stays together
Most of children’s favorite memories involve doing activities with their family or a friend’s family. At family style connect group we incorporate doing fun activities with other families and encourage you as a family learn how to play together.  We also will do service projects together, mission trips, and family retreats. We will pray for each other together at connect group and encourage you as a family to pray for the other families on the week we do not meet. 
One of the best ways to ensure you will have a life long adult relationship with your children is to train them up while they are young.  Teaching your children how to play together and pray together. We want to provide a time of connectedness and share resources that builds healthy connected families.
The family fellowship effect
People are a social being we are like flowers planted in a garden for us to flourish we must cross pollinate. Healthy families are big part of Gods kingdom as they grow and mix with each other the kingdom is expressed and advanced.  We were made to live in a community of families. Children will learn and thrive when they are including in the activities of gathering as families. 
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